Devil May Cry 4 Refrain


Nero and Dante's action on DMC4 now on the iPhone




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Devil May Cry4 Refrain symbolizes the arrival of two of the most charismatic videogame characters to the AppStore.

Nero and Dante are the protagonists of the Devil May Cry saga that now brings its fourth release to the iPhone, which allows you to play with Nero, future updates should allow you to play with Dante as well.

Devil May Cry4 Refrain includes 10 levels in which you can put your device to the test. With supernatural gothic scenes and the possibility of using swords, pistols, and the demonic arm in a rhythm and intensity that will make you jump with pleasure.

The system of improvements you've become accustomed to in the saga can also be found in DMC4 Refrain, so you'll always have a new movement that will let you get more brutal combos to increase your level.

As was to be expected, and apart from the enemies that cross before you, the rooms with sealed doors, and the sword’s magnificence, you will have before you level bosses that will bring out all the demonic power in you to finish them off.

The game looks very good and plays even better. Fast and loaded with blows and action. Oh! And the soundtrack that accompanies it is worth pointing out.
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